Monday, June 29, 2009

Growing up!

When you are a child, you often come across frustrated adults grumpy and irritated about nature's irony called "growing up". But when you are a kid, you never truly appreciate, truly understand why people are so bugged with the entire idea of growing up. Twenty years down the line, you find yourself in the shoes of those very people, thinking often, sometimes aloud, that growing up does truly suck. Why so?! Honestly, I myself have asked this question so many times. It's not like I live a depressed life, not at all. I am happy, enjoying every moment of my being. But somewhere at the back of my head, whenever there is a comparison between now and then, the then seems to dominate, taking me over, filling me with a sense of nostalgia.

I remember when I was a kid, I couldn't wait for this little self called "me" to grow up. It was like an eternal wait and somehow, in my head I kept waiting, waiting for something to happen, waiting for time to show its might, waiting for so many things. I was excited, excited to enjoy every moment of my life to the fullest, excited to go to college, to earn, to LIVE! But nothing happened, not in my head at least. I grew up (Or did I?) in the eyes of everyone. And it came as a big shock. When the hell did that happen? It was tough to comprehend. Wasn't I fully prepared. Wasn't I waiting? And yet, when it struck me, I was taken off guard. Soon, days turned into months and months into years. But I (as I'm sure many others my age) continued to be in denial. And a good part of me still is, which refuses to grow up, refuses to accept the undeniable truth.

Its not the age that's the issue. It's the responsibility. The excitement is still there. But its shadowed, overpowered by an anxiety. What will I do? It's all on me now. I can't be the same carefree kid that I was (or at least I am expected not to be). And it surprises me, that how the grand event I was so eagerly waiting for, I now want removed. I want time to go slow. I am expected to take so many decisions all of a sudden. Without a forewarning, I have been bombarded with serious talks of life. Life?! Life itself has changed, from being about chocolates and TV and playing around, to jobs and future and responsibility and expectations. No matter how hard I try, this time there's no escape. I will one day have to go out for work, job?!?! It sounds so remote in my head, and yet so unexpectedly up close and personal. It's right there and yet so far away. I am an amalgamation, of past and present, of dreams and reality, of excitement and anxiety.

While growing up, there always was an exit route, something to look forward to, something to make my adrenaline pump. When I was in preliminary school, there was High School. When I came to 12th, the tears in our eyes while graduating were washed away with the hopes of an awesome college life. But what now, where to!? There are no more crossroads, no more choices, no more running away. Theres only one way from here and that goes to the adult world, the creepy boring adult world.

But of course, there is always the hope. the hope that my life is in my hands (like they say, its your life, make it large!). Endlessly confronted with choices, one always has the steering wheel in his hands. I do too. And I know I will survive! And I also know that in the years to come, the new life to start, I will be best guided by one person who has been with me from the very beginning, who knows me more than I do now, who knows what my dreams were, what I wanted, what made me smile, what made me cry, and that is the reflection of me as a kid! I know I can't stay this way forever, but if only, I want to be carefree again, I want to be wild again, I want to be a kid again!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Non Sense

I know its really non sense to ask this but I was wondering, how is it that your inspiration is supposed to run dry but your spirits, on the other hand, always get dampened. Weird?! Isn't it contradictory?!

Coz well, isn't it so that you get your inspiration from your spirit only. I always presumed that your muse is nothing but a more popular resident of spirit-town.

So like one day if I'm writing and I my inspiration runs dry, it would mean my spirits are dry too and so it should be perfect for some spiritual writing! :P


So it started when I was in the eight standard. It would suffice to tell you that I had a certain exam, which I was really nervous about, more than usual, thinking how will I ever manage to finish off the entire course in one day. Put all this together and you get a sleepless 'me' tossing and turning in the bed till late in the night. And that it how it all began. After that there were several times when during exams I couldn't sleep till late. But generally, I would always end up ultimately falling asleep. But this time it got really late, I was on my bed sleepless and without relief till 3 or 4 (Don't laugh..3 or 4 is late for me..its freakin' next day!)..So I decided to take matters in my own hands and went on my quest for a solution. I sat searching on the internet (of course after finishing the course) for almost an hour on the examination eve. And these were the various solutions I came across:

1) Cure 1: Count sheep (Oh yeah, I've heard that one before..its gotta work!)....Observe them properly, every little detail (Ok so where do i start?)...its eyes, its wool, its legs, its small nose (wow..thats good detailing..oh k, here goes)..observe them as they hop right over the fence of your dreams (oh k, make them hope..hop hop hop!...).. Every sheep, some big and fat, others small and thin, observe it (oh is working..i think im wait..its just boredom)..And you'll eventually fall asleep before you even know it (umm..I don't think so..I've been at it for like many of these things are up there anyway..gosh! its like a factory ................................................................................. Oh k..I give up!)

2) Cure 2: Go to your happy place (The what?!)..Happy place? You don't have one/ (!)..well then lets create one for you (sure thing, whatever helps me get some sleep)..Lets see, what would you have as your happy place (ooh.. I disneyland?! Good one huh?).. We know, a peaceful quiet meadow (umm...not really!..but oh what the hell).. Imagine a green peaceful meadow (oh k).. Observe the silence (what?! how?!).. You are standing right in the middle of it (oh k.... I am!).. theres a stream flowing through the meadow (A stream in the meadow!? What?!)..or maybe the mountains, where you can feel the soft breeze flowing through your hair (Are we there already..its gettin kinda boring)..and you are in a boat (Where the hell did that come from?!)..and you're rowing (Fine Row Row Row!)..and you're rowing (Yes i am..and nothings happening) are absorbing the peace and tranquility (not quite)..and you're rowing (Thud!)..and you're falling asleep (no I'm not!)..and you're almost asleep (Get out of my head!)....

3) Cure 3: Now this one was the funniest..........Cant sleep? (Yeah).. There can be various causes of insomnia (ahun ahun)...the most common is Anxiety (yep got that right!).. We have the perfect solution for you (yey!).. All you need to do is get rid of the anxiety! (huh?1..what?!..of course I need to do that..but how?!.... Wheres the rest of your help!)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Days of our lives.....

Yawn! Internships I tell you. They make you think. About anything and everything. Not that I'm famous for keeping my mind clear anyway, but still, internships give me that extra kick to ponder over weird stuff. What else can you do when you are jobless!?

So anyway, the other day as I sat waiting for my associate to call me, I realised the world of difference between the life that I have (or will have once I start working) and the life that I've always wanted to have or thought I'll have.

Let me give you a lil schedule of the days of My various lives (real and hypothetical)

What I do/will do:

7:00 AM: Get up, yawn..Sleep Again
7:30 AM: Get up, for real this time.
8:00 AM: Get ready for work.
9:00 AM: Get going for work.
10:00 AM: Reach your work place only to see none of the other associates are there. So you check your mails and do random TP on the internet (like blogging).
11:00 AM: Wonder if the day has started yet. Get started with your work because people have just started coming in.
12:00 PM: Stare at your computer screen pretending that you're in a state of deep concentration, working.
1:00 PM: Still staring....
2:00 PM: Eat lunch.
3:00 PM: Get on with the stare. Get pissed why people haven't yet started working.
4:00 PM: Finally do some work, which involves a lot more staring at the screen.
5:00 PM: Munch again. (Eating is also a source of entertainment and taking breaks in our work culture).
6:00 PM: Prepare to round up your work thinking you will finish it on time and leave (Maybe today!)
7:00 PM: People who come late and started working just some time back want to discuss work with you. Curse them silently.
8:00 PM: Stare at the watch thinking why, like all other days, you are being made to stay back when the work could have easily been finished earlier.
8:30 PM: If you're lucky, you get to make a move.
8: 35 PM: Smell Fresh Air once you manage to move out of the No-Smoking area where your colleagues were taking their routine smoke breaks.
9:30 PM: Reach home feeling dead. Eat.
10:00 PM: Realize that anything that you might have wanted to watch on TV has already gone. Force yourself to settle for something less 'your type'.
11:00 PM: Regret a bit but console yourself with the money you make! Sigh! Say a prayer for a better tomorrow. Doze off!
All Night: Dream of the life that follows.......

What I wish I did:
8:00 AM: Get up. Bed tea.
9:00 AM: Have a nice breakfast watching TV.
9:30 AM: Call your secretary to brief you of your plans for the day.
10:30 AM: Go for work where you know everyone will be on time!!
11:00 AM: Start your work which involves no staring at the screen. Dictate a Thank you note on receiving the "Best Event Planner of the Year".
4:00 PM: Work done. Say bye to everyone on your way to the theater.
5:00 PM: Give an awesome performance on stage for your current play which you wrote, directed and acted in.
6:00 PM: Get great comments from the audience and the critics. Smell the sweet fragrance of Adulation.
7: 00 PM: Go home to your penthouse in a skyscraper. Decide to give a new look to your house. So order new furniture.
8: 00 PM: Get ready for the party at friends place.
10:00 PM: Reach back feeling dead.
11:00 PM: Retire to your king sized bed. Thank god for the wonderful life. Pray tommorow is just the same.
All Night: Sleep tight!! ;)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have officially come across the most wanna be T-shirt that I've ever seen....

As I was walking to office this morning after a rather disturbing bus ride and coming to the conclusion that classy colours like creme or off white are not meant for poor old souls like me who travel by a bus every freaking morning! So as I start ascending the flight of stairs...there it was..this T-shirt worn by a rather tapori-ish guy which read: "If being sexy is a crime...ARREST ME!" :O

I mean wtf! what is this world getting to.....Voix, I'd give it to you, if only i would have had the sense to take out my phone and click!...maybe he should marry that "barbie for president woman"!! won't they be adorable together...and then maybe, they can both roam around hand in hand wearing Ts that read "If being inspired by Govinda is a crime, Arrest us!"
Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr