Monday, December 4, 2006

Is divinity divine?

Well, I thought of writing this article after reading my friend Divya's write up on divinity at her blog When I commented on that article, I realised its about time I write my views on the here goes...

Well, as Divya had said that she does not believe in the concept of religion, in submitting to a supreme power when you need help, she does not believe in the exploitation done, the commercialisation done through religion. Said she rather believed in the entities (the pagan way), the sun, the moon, nature!!..So, I was thinking about it and this is what I guess my views are (I write I guess because there are some things, some topics on which you cannot be so sure of your views..but that's the beauty of thought!!)....

It is very much true that religion indeed has been exploited..the cacophony, the excessive trade, everything just supports the claim!!..But then, like I had told her, is it not into the very human nature to exploit anything and everything to its own benefit. I mean, the human society has a tendency of using everything that involves more than one person. Lets assume a situation where there was no religion, no god to worship..lets assume the pagan days when human faith would rest upon nature. If such were the case, then how can we be so sure that the sun, the moon, the stars, nature would not been exploited. Well, I'm pretty sure they would have ;because like I said, its in the very human nature to exploit anything that can be beneficial for it, even in the remotest of ways. There are so many things around us that are used up for one motive or the other, but that does not and should not stop us from continuing believing in the same..that would be against the very concept of individuality!!..I mean our belief on anything should not be dependant upon what is happening to that particular thing..there are loads of bad things in the world..but keeping faith and continuing your belief is what is making the world go round..But in no way am I contradicting Divi's point.Both the views lead to the same conclusion-Its all about choice!! Yep, it was her choice not to believe in religion because of the exploitation that was being done, which is perfectly fine in a way!! But my choice is to continue having faith because i believe not in religion, but I have faith in the human faith!!

Oh, by the way, please do not think that just because I'm supporting religion means I'm religious..its slightly more complicated than that!!

Like I said, I do not believe in religion, i just have faith in the human faith! I believe in the power of the human will, I believe in the divinity of humanity. It is not religion that is divine, it is the human belief that is. Is it not surprising how conveniently we take humans to be the centre of the universe- I mean think about it, be it any religion, gods are always taken to resemble human beings..Brahma created the universe and the amazing thing is he looked like nothing else but a human!!..I guess had animals had the potential to rule the planet and communicate, they would have pictured god as an animal, won't they? But we have just never ever questioned this have we? U know why?..because its not really the form given to god that we believe in, but we believe in the human thought that gave rise to that form and hence, we never question it!!..I mean I am a very strong believer of god..and I m pretty sure everyone is, even those who call themselves atheist..but my belief is not in any particular god, but I very much believe in every religion..because if you ask me, religion is not about god..its about the humans, its about the way of life..its about what should be the ideal behaviour: but who would listen to it just like that, so for that we gave it the supreme tag of god's commandment. And it makes total sense..god is everywhere..he (or she) is within us, he is the human thought that created religion, he is the human faith that helps us go through the toughest of times. God is not any entity, he is just a force that survives on faith..and this force is so beautifully embroidered into the fabric of life that it just amazes me!!..Science can never, doesn't matter how much it tries, explain everything, because its not supposed to..but neither can there we are, what we have is a perfect combination of religion and science, each complimenting the other!!..none alone can stand, none alone can satisfy!!..All is one and one is all- a cosmological conspiracy..yes, god is in our thoughts..for me, god might be in my parents, for others in a statue!!

As for surrendering to a supreme power,I think that's very interesting..another one of the mysteries of the human kind!!..i mean think about it, none of us can deny (OK! maybe some can!) that keeping faith in one supreme power has helped us in tough times, the thought of having one hand above us has given us light in the dark, hasn't it?..but i still stand strong in my views..its yet again nothing but human is this human faith that gives strength to humans themselves and they become their own destiny makers..of course, there are times when you do need to surrender and it is in those times that the human faith establishes a nexus between the humans and the supreme power, the force that I talked basically, my philosophy is: it all comes to one word: faith...a choice..and whatever you choose have faith in it..The force does not want worshipping, it does not want religion..all it wants is faith..the biggest religion always was and will always be humanity, the religion of love, the religion of harmony!! (i do not wish to elucidate any further upon the religion of humanity because i think its too cliche and all know of it)..

So, there we go: Divinity is indeed divine..everything is..the moment you have faith (in anything) you get in touch with this divinity!! my message to all will be, just have it in religion, be it in god, be it in anything..but just have faith!!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

The KISS theorem....

Well, this is not exactly a thoughtful write-up...but just something which i wish to share with all of you, particularly the writers. In my school, we had a magazine and I was one of the editors. So, when our names were announced as the editors for the year, i totally bloated up with joy (although a few insiders had leaked out the info in advance....but the joy of being pleasantly surprised is just too pleasant to miss). That very afternoon, we had our first official meeting as the editors (excuse me for using the term too often, but it just adds to the effect!). The previous year's editor-in-chief gave a small welcome speech and then started off with the serious part. And the first thing that she said was,"what do you think when you write". The opinions that emerged were swinging in the spectrum ranging from-"each word has to be well calculated and its effect must be assessed""duh! when you write, just don't think, thats the beauty of it". Satisfied that the new editors had representatives from all genres of thought, she proceeded on the next question, or rather a sub-question- "well, ok, that sounds nice...tell me, what should your language be like?"..Yet again the human disparity of thought had its say. And on that she said-"fine kids (maybe she liked calling us that)!, here comes your first lesson as writers- the KISS theorem". And on the very mention of the word, some exchanged weird looks depicting that their immaturity wasnt that repressed after all!! And then she elucidated...well, the theorem was given by one of the most famous english teachers of our school..standing for 'Keep It Simple Stupid' had become a commandement for the editors of the school stood for writing in a simple language..."you do not really need to show off that you deserve to be a writer by writing bombastic words or writing language, which the majority fail to comprehend...", was what he used to say,"...your spirit, your real talent as a writer lies in writing such that everyone who comes across your piece can easily take it dont want it to go in with a jerky ride, now do ya? Its about having control over yourself, not to boast for it truly is the most dominating and luring of all human flaws....your writings should not be targetted on the elite but should be for everyone."....And that was our first lesson in keep it simple,stupid....dont know if we managed to keep that in mind while writing, but now I have grown to be a personal believer of the theorem....I mean think about it, im sure there are loads of writers out there who have more words in their vocabulary than stars in the night sky.... but doesnt the kiss theorem make a lot of sense..i know that nobody writes for others....we all write for ourselves but somewhere, isnt the very purpose of writing to express yourself and expression is not a solitary needs to be done on somebody, expression needs to have an object on which, or precisely on whom, you express your views....if that be the case, then the theorem stands correct, the expression should at least be such that is comprehendible to all!!..It really made an impact on me, cant say have been successful in writing as simple as possible but can definitely boast of a certain progress!!..well, maybe thats for those to figure out who read what I write huh!!..But I personally feel that at least this theorem should be told to all those who want to write..i mean whats the harm in knowing....think about it..just keep it simple stupid!

Friday, December 1, 2006

No Strings Attached

(Well, there it is..another one of my poems..written in the 11th standard, a time full of nostalgia, a time when ur 12 years of school life seem so precious and time seems to be slipping out of your hands!! It is basically a tribute to my almamater, my school!!)

As I look across the sands of time,
A feeling of remorse,
A desperate whine;
For present must one day,
Become but the past,
And all I can say is "no strings attached".
These days I'll cherish,
These moments I'll retain;
These thoughts would forever,
In my mind cause pain.
But how can I, when none could do,
Freeze the time, that's meant to rule;
So I console myself, I've got what I had,
And all I can say,
Is "no strings attached".
I should say I was nothing,
But another anxious face;
Who thought this'll last forever,
But alas! Was in vain.
Several have come & several went by,
But none could help, none could sly;
Then why does it hurt,
Why am I trapped,
For all I can say,
Is "no strings attached".
But they used to boast that every cloud,
Has a silver lining, which you must browse;
And so I follow the common trend,
And see the lining though it might be hidden;
I can see now that I'll always be,
A flower that got detached,
But still clings to the tree;
Just like all others who had gone one day,
And bloomed into new plants facing the day;
For now it's my time, my turn's ahead,
And all I can say,
Is "no strings attached".
I'll be gone but others would come,
And then there'll be yet more,
To get the work done;
But for those who still,
Have a long way to go through;
Before they face the moment,
That we must all find true;
I'd like to say drain it all out,
Cause it won't come back,
No matter how much you shout;
When the time has gone you would realize,
But it would then be too late to make it right;
But why must I cry, why must I whine,
Cause it's not the moment yet, I still have time;
I know it would be difficult to say goodbye,
But it needs to be done; I shouldn't get my hopes high;
Nevertheless, I must be prepared,
The moment would sooner or later come;
But now I know that I'll be glad,
In saying it out loud;"No strings attached".

My Light

(Ok, now this is one of my poems..wrote it for all those people who in some way or the other have contributed in making me meet myself, in guiding me..and doing loads of other stuff for me!!)

The sunburnt wall was always lit,
With a light that only meant heat;
But the gardener came and bloomed it through,
Into a beautiful treat.
For the void has now been filled with flowers,
The light is heat no more;
It has now become the bright sunshine,
With elations the heart never pours.

The water was there that used to flow,
The streams that washed the earth;
The banks were there and so was the mud,
That gave life a birth.
But the waterman came and made it clear,
The sound is not just gush;
It is the sweet music of water,
And the plants a beauty in lush.

The fields were there all covered in grass,
The green was just a shade;
But the farmer came and ripened it through,
The crops of yellow and jade.
The grass is just a plant no more,
It now symbolizes life;
The zeal, the vigour to carry on,
Even in times of strife.

The skies were blue, the roses red,
The rocks, the fire, the ice;
But the colours are more than what they look,
Each tinge specific and right.

The breeze was there that flew unaware,
But it just felt cold and dry;
The toddler came and filled it through,
With the fragrance of booming skies.
The breeze is cold and frozen no more,
The dryness no more thirsts;
For now it has an unseen warmth,
And a source to quench the earth.

The birds sang and butterflies flew,
Babies always took their first step;
But none alas explained the lad,
The secrets untold, unread.
Then came the teacher and opened his eyes,
To the world that lies beyond;
He soon found out, all veils were torn,
That they whisper the sounds of god.

People had come and people went by,
But none could really affect;
None had the strength and nor the will,
To impress the heart's reflect.
And then came the alchemist,
To turn the tide of time;
He walked in through and took me too,
And made me see what's mine.
The gardener, the waterman, the farmer it seems,
The toddler, the teacher, the guide;
I thank the source, whatever the course,
For making me feel my might.
For now I have met who lies within,
The one I call myself;
All thanks to you, the source it's true,
I can say there are no regrets.
You open my path, removed the fog,
To make the sun shine bright;
I thank the source, whatever the course,
My guide, my friend, my light.


Well, this is going to be my first ever official write-up..preety cool huh?...the title is "bloggin" or "blog in"...from where did i come up with it..well, its like this- i never ever thought that i would have a blog...but off late i met so many people who had i went to some of those blogs and thought they were pretty then i thought...should try my hand at it too...i mean how bad can it be...worst case scenario- people wont come to read it right?..but is it really that bad..i think writing coz i like to write or at least at times i do!! all of you out there who want to read what "loquacious shanks" has to say, you are most welcome to come and have a look..for those who don't..well, there are loads of other blogs, im sure u'll like someone's!! here's to a fancy culture of having blogs..cheers!!
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